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What is the Skill Visa?

Many people have fallen in love with life in Australia. Landscapes, lifestyle or salaries, so many criteria that motivate to stay on Australian territory. But this process is not so simple! The Skill Visa 189 and the Skill Visa 190 can be the opportunity to obtain permanent residence.

1. The principle of the Skill Visa in Australia

In Australia, immigration uses a so-called selective immigration system". This mode of immigration allows people with skills highly sought after by the country to obtain a particular Visa: the Skill Visa. The Skill Visa is based on points evaluating the different elements of your professional profile.

This is why studying a field of activity sought by the Australian Government allows you to obtain more points and will thus give you the opportunity to be eligible for the Skill Visa. Study Connection Australia sheds light on the specificities of these two Visas that can open the doors to permanent residence.

2. The Skill Visa 189

Originally created to fill a lack of manpower on Australian territory, the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) is a visa developed on the basis of points evaluating the profile of the candidate. The more points the candidate has, the more likely he will be to become eligible. The Skill Visa 189 does not require a corporate or employer sponsor.

Obtaining the Skill Visa means being able to work and stay in Australia indefinitely.

Even if you change employers, you will remain under the same conditions and you will become an Australian permanent resident!

This points system assesses: your professional experience, your skills, your English level and the state of your >health. Your criminal record will also be checked. There are also several pre-requisites to qualify for this Visa.

- Being under 45

The candidate can however include his family in this Visa.

- Get more than 60 points

If the applicant obtains a score higher than 60 points, then the government considers that he has interesting assets for the country. Below this figure, it is not eligible.

- Receive an invitation from the Government

Only applicants who have received an invitation from the Immigration Department can apply for the 189 visa.

3. The Skill Visa 190

The operation of the Skill Visa 190 (Skilled Nominated visa) remains very similar to that of the Skill Visa 189.

The big difference is that it is up to a state or territory of Australia to support your candidacy in depending on the positions sought in the region concerned.

The person applying for the Skill Visa 190 must also have been a resident of the sponsoring state for a minimum of 2 years.

If you wish to study in a field sought by the Government, our education agency can help you through its many partner schools throughout Australia. Whether Community Services, Childcare or Construction, so many sectors of activity that can lead to permanent residence. For more information on studying in Australia, you can contact us via!

To discover all the occupations present in the Skill List:

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