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Do you want to stay in Australia but have questions?
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The Coronavirus is spreading globally. At the moment, it is therefore more judicious to limit travel to avoid spreading the virus.


We recommend that you stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus! #STAYATHOME


Please respect the hygienic conditions : wash your hands very regularly, keep 1.5m away, avoid kissing, coughing or sneezing in your elbow, put on a mask in case of symptoms...


If you feel bad, isolate yourself, tell the relatives you have seen in the past few days, and contact a doctor.



If you have symptoms such as sore throat, fever, fatigue etc. : call the Coronavirus Information Center on 1 800 020 080 who will tell you which medical center to go to. Note that the TEST can be done free of charge in the event of symptoms.


‍For all those who need a doctor, or a professional to health:



In case of contamination of the virus. The AHM insurance of Study Connection Australia students covers all medical expenses.


Our 24/7 Student Health and Support Line can help provide advice to students on what to do next. Students with Medibank / AHM OSHC can call and speak with a registered nurse about any health issue by calling 1800 887 283 (Medibank OSHC members) or 1800 006 745 (ahm OSHC members) and they can arrange a interpreter if necessary. *

* The terms of AHM coverage

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Did you just lose your job and are looking for a way to make money fast ? Here is a non-exhaustive list of companies / industries looking for: Construction / Uber Eats / Coles / Woolworths / Cleaning / Babysitting / Nanny / Farms / Gas stations / Helpx / Age Care and send your CV quickly.

  • Try not to quit your job and work hard as it will be difficult to find another one. Think that now there will be more people ordering food from home so probably the work in this sector will increase.

  • Pay attention to your expenses and avoid non-essential expenses.

  • You can also change cities (online course now).  


During COVID-19, people on Student Visa can work

Full Time * in supermarkets or in the Age Care industry.

* Conditions for working full time

I don't want to go home. How to stay here?


Are you on Tourist Visa or Working Holiday Visa and your visa will expire soon? You don't want to go back to France or Belgium? How to stay? If you are worried about the situation in France / Belgium or if you simply do not want to return, there are two legal options to stay longer in the territory:

  • If you are eligible for a second (or third) Working Holiday Visa , you will be able to apply for this visa but make sure you meet the conditions.

  • The Tourist Visa can be another option but remember that you will not be able to work with this visa and the duration is limited to short durations.

  • If you are not eligible for the Working Holiday Visa, the Student Visa is an option with advantageous offers.


Schools are closed, but offer online courses so the student visa is still possible. The courses are conducted on online platforms where it is possible to communicate, which makes the course more flexible. 

⚠️Immigration accepts student visas more favourably because it understands that the health crisis in your country of origin is stronger than here.

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The agency has set up payment facilities to simplify the procedures as much as possible. The situation related to Covid-19 is exceptional and most schools will show flexibility by setting up a payment plan adapted to your situation.



  • At present, the situation is better in Australia than in France. It is best to avoid taking risks on planes.

  • Health crisis that can extend over a period of 6 months: If you want to leave and come back in a few months to complete your Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa, it will no longer be valid, you will have to repay and apply for another visa! Please be aware that the borders will be closed until the end of December. More info here

  • Choose to continue your WHV and work on farms to apply for your 2nd WHV or to apply for a student visa to be able to stay. More info here

  • In the coming days and weeks, many airports will be closed and airlines will no longer operate flights. It is therefore important in this situation to find a plan B for your visa (2nd WHV, Tourist Visa, Student Visa) and not to be illegal on the territory!



Latest update from the Consulate General of France

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