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Rather Sydney or Melbourne?

Do you want to come to Australia with a WHV or a Student Visa and are still hesitating between the two largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney? Study Connection Australia enlightens you on this subject by giving you some advice!

1. Sydney

Sydney is the business capital of Australia. It has more than 100 beaches including one of the most beautiful in the world: Bondi Beach, popular with surfers. Its heart, the " City ", includes skyscrapers and life is 100 miles an hour!

Between natural parks, beaches and buildings, Sydney will seduce lovers of the city and nature, but also of the Australian lifestyle with its different atmospheres and its many districts. However, the cost of living in Sydney is the highest in the country, and competition can be fierce between backpackers from all over the world, especially in high season. Its mild climate all year round and hot in summer will also be very popular with travelers. The most famous city in Australia, you will meet a cosmopolitan population and many backpackers.

2. Melbourne

The second largest city in southern Australia, Melbourne is considered the most European of Australia's cities. For more than 10 years, it was the most livable city in the world. Although she was dethroned, she is still on the podium.

Cultural and dynamic, it is also the gathering place for many artists. You will be seduced by its harmony and its Victorian architecture, but also by its lively nightlife! The cost of living is also high, but less than in Sydney. The mythical Australian surfing is not practicable in the city. As for the weather, it is rather changeable and often capricious!

Sydney and Melbourne have always been in competition, but both are completely different and seduce thanks to their particularities.

So, rather Sydney or Melbourne?

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