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How to get Australian permanent residency?

Are you in France or already in Australia and you wish to obtain permanent residence to stay on Australian territory? Study Connection Australia enlightens you on how you can access it!

1. Adapted studies

Many backpackers dream of staying all their life in Australia: lifestyle, salaries, meetings. Many are the assets of the country! To be able to stay, there are studies that will allow you to be eligible for the " Skill Visa ". The Australian government gives access to residence to people who have studied in sought-after fields, such as Community Services. The duration of these studies varies according to your level of education. These courses are accessible by applying for the Student Visa. For this, @studyconnectionaustralia can accompany you. To finance your project, know that Australia allows you to work alongside your studies!

2. Regional campuses

Another factor that will give you more chances is where you will study. Indeed, the Australian government awards more points to people studying in " Regional ". The city of Adelaide, in southern Australia, is one of them! As you will have understood, doing studies sought by the government, in a city “ regionale ”, is the perfect combo to access permanent residence. Put all the chances on your side by making the right choice in the city of studies and your training.

3. A good level of English

To be recognized as an Australian citizen and study in Australia, you must also demonstrate a good level of English. The higher your level, the more points you will have to be eligible! IELTS, for example, is the best-known English test in Australia. It is also with this test that schools and the government will be able to assess your level of English. It is better to be prepared for it by taking specialized courses through our partner schools.

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