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Why study through Study Connection Australia?

Do you want to study in Australia? Study Connection Australia is there to support you with expertise and a team attentive to your project, whether you are in France or already in Australia.

1. What is our job?

Study Connection Australia is an education agency that helps, advises and guides every student who wants to study or take English lessons in #Australia. Based in the heart of Sydney, Study Connection Australia has developed partnerships with schools across Australia. Studying with Study Connection Australia means having a French interlocutor on the Australian continent who makes the link between you, your studies and the school! Being paid directly by these organizations, our services are completely free.

2. Expertise in education

Choosing Study Connection Australia means choosing an expert agency in its field. With a real knowledge of the market and the programs that exist, Study Connection Australia will accompany you from A to Z, from the search for your studies to the application of the Visa. We then become your referent to ensure that your lessons are going well. An expertise that our students themselves can recommend to you!

3. A team listening to your project

The strength of Study Connection Australia is a team that is available and attentive to your project. We adapt to your request and do what is necessary to find you courses that correspond to your profile, your expectations and your project for the future. Stay in Australia, complete a degree, or study leading to permanent residence, we advise and support you throughout the process!

So, what are you waiting for to contact us and experience a new adventure?

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